Our Approach

Founded in 2005, D N Schwartz & Co is a retained executive search firm specializing in financial services.

  • We are a search firm based in New York, but have a global reach. We have done searches in Tokyo, London, California, Washington, DC and New York City.
  • We are a unique husband and wife headhunting team. Our two-on-one interview style is relaxed and helps us get an in-depth understanding of each client. We bring very different backgrounds and perspectives to each situation and enjoy working together seamlessly on the business.
  • We pride ourselves on our small size and selective book of business. We would rather turn business away than fall short of our clients' expectations or risk conflicts. Unlike much larger executive search firms, we can count the firms on our off-limits list on one hand. Our small size enables us to be extremely discreet and ensure confidentiality for both clients and candidates.
  • We provide service to our clients across all their business areas. Some firms specialize in a particular sector. We specialize in our clients. We are equally happy to search for a senior advisory banker or an executive assistant/personal assistant for that banker.
  • We customize our approach for each client, getting to know our client and their approach to business before beginning a search. We research each project from scratch rather than simply recycling old candidates from our data base.
  • We screen multitudes of candidates before meeting and interviewing a select few. Each interview is conducted by David and Susan Schwartz together, after which we provide our client with a thorough assessment of each potential hire.
  • We do not just fill a position. We search, find and hire the perfect fit for each position, with dedication, drive, and insight. We do not give up until the search is completed to everyone’s satisfaction.
  • We follow-up with our clients and candidates on an ongoing basis after each search is complete, standing by our work.